Arrange your love marriage or love your arranged spouse

Arrange your love marriage

Love is not something that happens in a moment or a minute or an hour or a day. It’s a process which takes years. Spend time to find the person who is just right for you because you are investing your entire life on that person. We spend so much time on choosing something we want to buy where we are just spending some money on it. So we have got to spend more time in selecting someone with whom we are going to invest the rest of our lives with. Don’t you think so?

In a marriage, it’s not just the boy and the girl who are going to be united. It also includes the 2 families. Its more complex and complicated than some youngsters think. It’s a marriage between the 2 families. So there are a lot more things to look into than just the person you have chosen. Their character, their families, their religion, their caste, their culture, their upbringing, etc

The girl has to worry about how well settled the boy is because she is the one who has got to move into his house, adjust with his family, live with her in-laws etc. Its a total change of lifestyle most of the times. The boy has to look into how the girl will be able to adjust with his family, her character, etc has to be compatible with his family.


This part of the post is with reference from a book called ARRANGE YOUR LOVE MARRIAGE by a very close family friend of mine Mrs. MEERA RAVI

There has to be something against everything. So here it is – Love just happens and if so much thought goes into it, I don’t think its true love.

Love your arranged spouse

In India more than in any other country prevails the practice of arranged marriages. The elders in the family select the boy/girl their son/daughter is going to marry. The implications of “love you arranged spouse,” comes into light here. I have learnt in my ALMA MATER that it doesn’t matter whether you love the person before marriage or not, you ought to love your spouse after marriage because whether you like it or not, you need to live with that person throughout your life. So let your life better be gentle and beautiful. It’s up to you to make it that way. Family compatibility is not generally an issue because the person is the choice of the family.

If we have loved someone, then we have to fight the world for that person but if we don’t do it and get married to someone chosen by the family, then we have to get over them and not let their thought affect our marriage. Not our past love but our present spouse is our future. So concentrate on your present and future; not on your past.


3 comments on “Arrange your love marriage or love your arranged spouse

  1. Cesar Waterbird says:

    Amruth this is a great article. I want to mention one thing that love just happen irrespective of religion, caste, culture,…..but one thing is right that who ever is the person your going to love that person should be a good person, thge person who understand the equation of LOVE = TRUST and one more thing that “ NO PERSON IS A PERFECT PERSON that is y we r called Human’s” irrespective of weather it’s a arrange marriage r love marriage the person must learn to adjust.

  2. Bharath U P says:

    I would like to add one quote which was put up in the cafeteria of the company I was working in.. “90% of your happiness in life depends on your life partner, Chose wisely” 🙂

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