Value Creation / Addition

Today, to gain respect, you need to create your own value. The value that your parents or family create for you is not your value but their value (monetary value). You have to create your own value. If you are a professional or employed or you start your own business, then what you earn is your value, not what your potential to earn is. So create your own value as soon as possible.

If you have earned Rs.x, then your value is Rs.x

If you join your family business, then it is a little more complicated.

If your father used to earn Rs.x before u joined business, and the business now earns 1.2x after you joined the family business, then your earning is 0.1x. The remaining increase is your father’s growth.

In figures –

Earning of the company before you joined = x

Earning of the company after you joined = y

No of partners = 2

Increased earnings = (y – x) = 0.2x

Your value = (y – x)/2

Calculate your value and aim to become more valuable.

Most parents don’t want their children to think in this manner because they love them. But as children, we need to create our own value. That is when they will be proud of us. My inspiration to think in this manner is a friend of mine who is planning to repay his dad, the amount his dad has spent on my friend’s education.

If you are young and you get pocket money from your dad, then its not for you to spend it on your friends but on yourself. Spend it wisely or even better save it or even better invest it and multiply it so you have something to start off with when you want to create your value.

Most times, the world ignores your value; the value you created for yourself but when you judge someone else, don’t do the same mistake. Judge them on their value, not on the value they have inherited or their potential value. The reason being – inherited value is actually not his/hers and potential value is still not completely certain. Example – A person who has completed his masters has a potential of earning a high income but he still hasn’t earned it. It is still not completely certain. He may not get a nice/satisfactory job, he might not get a job at all or any other catastrophe might strike.


2 comments on “Value Creation / Addition

  1. suchita sanjay says:

    Truly something that every student should realise and learn

  2. Bharath U P says:

    The Truth is what u have expressed here.. and truth is always bitter. . To all those who are into their fathers business this is must read including me 🙂 U have implanted a seed in me to start thinking of creating my own value 🙂 thank you.

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