1 Word; 2 Thoughts

Every word has 2 meanings. You have got to choose the right one. Every stimulus has 2 possible responses. Everything said or heard can be interpreted in 2 ways. Every now and then, we face choices. More often than not, we choose the wrong one.

I am beginning to wonder if human brain is truly the most evolved. If it is, then why should only negative thoughts be bred in our brains? Why isn’t there a way to only breed nice good thoughts in our brain? As I have observed, there are very few people who breed only positive thoughts in their brain. Their brains are like lush green farms with very few weeds. The other people have got to de-weed their brains. That includes me too. The fact that I am writing this doesn’t mean that my farm is free of weeds. My farm has a lot of weeds and I was unaware of it. Now that I have realised it, I have started putting efforts towards de-weed my farm.

De-weeding is an easy process but making sure that no more weeds grow is a very very difficult task. It needs a lot of resilience, will-power and conscious continuous effort. Even with the greatest effort, the results are not spontaneous. It needs a lot of time. Like I said, its like growing a farm. The seeds take time to grow into plants. Now let me stop using the Metaphor. Else we will become good farmers but remain bad thinkers.

PLAYING A GAME can mean different things – Having fun or cheating someone.

OBSERVE A PERSON can mean different things – Learning from them or checking them out.

Take any phrase and you can dissect it. 2 meanings are what you get. Try it as an exercise. If you don’t have time, just believe me, I have tried it several times. Every time, the same result. 2 meanings. Once you have tried it and understood the concept of 1 WORD; 2 THOUGHTS, try to make it your will-power drive. Try to take the good meaning of everything for 1 whole week. See the difference.

I would like to share a story here –

A rich father takes his son to a village to show him what poverty is. They stay in the village for a few days and after their return, the father asks his son about what he learnt and the young boy says –         We have 1 dog, they have 4.

We have a swimming pool, they have a long river.

We have a small piece of land, they have large fields.

We have a house to protect us, they have friends.

We have lamps, they have stars.

We buy our food, they grow their own.

What a great thought by the young boy. He has seen the true wealth of the village dwellers which the father failed to see. The boy was able to see the good side of the village life. His thought process was correct and healthy. Most of us are the father. The quicker we change our path, the better it is for us. It’s not easy. It needs a lot of will-power and resilience. So gear up for it before you begin. Otherwise you will give up half-way.

One other thing I learnt in my Alma Mater is that for any stimuli, we can either react or respond. The good thing is to respond, the bad thing is to react.


4 comments on “1 Word; 2 Thoughts

  1. suchita sanjay says:

    What a wonderful observation by the child. Many of us would probably look only into the negative aspects than the positive side of things.
    one more thing i just learnt now from this is, just now when my son said mom you are a patient now. I told him dont tell me that why dont you call me a super mom who is reading your blog……:)

  2. bondu says:

    loved it bro………… the depth was missing …..although it made a brief note on the sub……… i would say ” it takes a minute to realize the previous sec’s value”………..

  3. hs vishruth says:

    each word has diff. meanins but we shouldnt make the mistake of takin the wrong one we shouldnt look into the negative side of a meaning the tought of ur brain being a lush green farm was amazing

  4. Bharath U P says:

    Practice practice . . Definitely I will 🙂 Superb:) Your purpose of blogging – helping others is starting to work for me 🙂 thank you 🙂

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