Be selfless, Earn a shoe; Be selfish, Earn a hat

Out of the many lessons life has taught me, I think this one applies the most. Learned people and elders tell us that we have to be good to everyone. The lesson my granny taught me is – “Be good; Do good.” I followed it for many years without much thought towards it. Recently enough I have learnt that it’s almost the opposite that is right. The right thing is,”Be selfless, earn a shoe; Be selfish, earn a hat.” No person taught me this. Its life which taught me this and I am certain that life is more superior to my granny.

I have listened to my granny for years and I have been good to an extent that I sometimes cared less for myself and more for others. That is being selfless and all I earned is a shoe. Now I know what I have to do.

People say that God wants you to be good. I say that He gave us intelligence to take care of ourselves first. If we have any resource left after that, then we have to help others. I also learnt in my ALMA MATER that- You are more important than anything or anyone in your life. First take care of yourself and then focus on anything or anyone in your life.

Let’s learn it the easy way, otherwise life will teach us the hard way. I have learnt my lesson from life and believe me, it’s not a sweet experience. If we can’t give importance to ourselves, how will anyone else give us importance? Remember this, “ I first, U next.”


3 comments on “Be selfless, Earn a shoe; Be selfish, Earn a hat

  1. suchita sanjay says:

    Very true. I strongly believe in being firm yet polite and get the word through and i have also learnt to control not to react to a situation. Only then you are respected for who you are.

  2. Meera Ravi says:

    If you do not take care of yourself or give yourself enough importance, despite best intentions you may not be able to take care of others.

  3. Bharath U P says:

    Superb 🙂 I first U NEXT . . I should remember that

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