The Human Personality- (What are you?)

A few months ago, I met a Guruji(Priest of a temple) with whom I got a chance to have a conversation. I asked him that there is a lot of buzz around in recent time about spirituality, and so I want to know what exactly Spirituality is. He said he would answer it but he first wanted to ask me a few questions. The conversation went like this –

Guruji – Who are you?

I – I am Amruth.

Guruji – That is your name. Who are you?

I – Well I am a human being.

Guruji – That is your species. Who are you?

I was dumbstruck and a little annoyed. But I continued trying.

I – I am a soul. Is that the answer you are looking for?

Guruji – Everyone is a soul. What makes you who you are?

I – ??? *** ???

Guruji – Never mind. Very few people know the answer to this. Wonder, ponder and search     for the answer and you will find it one day.

Yesterday night, I couldn’t sleep and I kept thinking about it. I remembered what I had heard many years ago when I was young. It was gibberish to me then. Now it makes sense. I do not know where I heard it but it goes like this –

There are 5 stages of personality –

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

In the same order.

Mastering your personality – mastering all stages of your personality is a difficult task. Just take it one at a time. Again follow the order. Physical – Mental – Intellectual – Emotional – Spiritual.

Physical Personality – Your looks. If you are still bothered about how you look, you haven’t mastered your physical personality. Just don’t bother about how you look but be aware of it. Don’t mistake me and go improperly dressed for a party or an interview. You might lose respect. What I am saying is that you have to be conscious of how you look but don’t let it bother you. I learnt in my Alma Mater that the best way to master your physical personality is to wear your clothes inside out for a whole week. In that way, you lose botheration about how you look. Don’t do it forever but until your looks no longer bother you. Most importantly, you should not bother about how others look. Don’t judge people based on their looks. What you have to look into is their entire personality. I will get to that later.

Mental Personality – Your mental personality consists of your train of thoughts. If you breed only good thoughts, you have mastered your mental personality. This is a little more difficult than mastering the physical personality. The thought process is spontaneous and has to be mastered over a period of time. Just your will to think only of good things will not flush all the bad thoughts out of your mind. A deeper expression of this is given in another post – 1 word; 2 thoughts. Practice makes you perfect and you need to practise to train your mind to think well.

Intellectual Personality – Few people know the difference between Mental and Intellectual. Mental personality consists of your thought process and your intellect consists of your decision making process. If you are able to make the right decisions, you are intellectually matured. It can be achieved with effort and by spending time to think before you decide.

Emotional Personality – The word is self explanatory. In order to master your emotional personality, you have to face a lot of downfalls is life because you have mastered this personality only when – What disturbed you once doesn’t disturb you now.

Spiritual Personality – The spirit is your inner self. Realizing it is realizing your spiritual personality. It is commonly known as self realization. The moment when you are free from all the other personalities is when you realize your spiritual personality. No consciousness of your body, no thoughts, no decisions and no emotions. It is the apex of your personality.

2 people may look alike, they may think alike, they may take the same decisions, they may get emotional for the same stimuli and a pregnant woman and the child within together are said to have 1 soul. But no 2 people have the same total personality( all 5 stages of personality are not the same for any 2 people). So finally I can sum up by saying that I am a personality, a unique personality. Every person has a unique personality and that is what we are.


One comment on “The Human Personality- (What are you?)

  1. Bharath U P says:

    Beautiful!! You have described spirituality better than any other guruji . . I am sure to read this post again and again to master all 5 stages of human personality. . If u are writing this I bet u have already mastered all this 🙂 Thank you .. I am learning so much 🙂

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