Students should be Basket Balls!

When I was a student, nobody told me how I should be or the desirable qualities of an ideal student. I wish somebody had told me or even better taught me. I would have learnt much more if I had known. So today I don’t want to deprive other students of this opportunity of learning how to learn.
Let me use the metaphor of basket ball to make my message clear – A basket ball (student) is pushed down (scolded) for it to bounce back into the hands of the player (teacher) so that he can shoot the ball into the basket (goal). If the basket ball doesn’t bounce back into the hands of the player, is there a way for the ball to get to the basket?
Choose your teacher wisely but once you have chosen your teacher, trust him/her completely and come back to him/her because your teacher is the happiest person if you are successful.
One more important thing about being a basketball is that the basketball after reaching the basket comes back down. It is modest and this gives it a chance to be shot at the basket again (to reach another goal). So students after becoming successful should not forget their teachers and stay up there. They should come back to their teachers so that they can be shot for another basket.


3 comments on “Students should be Basket Balls!

  1. sagar says:

    Mr Amruth Makam amazing correlation… I really feel happy reading ur lines… hope all children read this… it helps them… thanks for the wonderful thought…. AMAZINg 😉

  2. Bharath U P says:

    Just Beautiful!!!! 1 in a crore see a basketball game like this. . U will be a gr8 father one day 🙂

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