Suicide and Children

Suicide has become much more common in children than it used to be. For children under age 15, about 1-2 out of every 100,000 children will commit suicide. For those 15-19, about 11 out of 100,000 will commit suicide. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death for children ages 10-14 and the third leading cause of death for teenagers 15-19. Recent evidence suggests it is the lack of substance abuse, guns, and relationship problems in younger children which accounts for the lower suicide rates in this group.

The main way children kill themselves depends on what lethal means are available and their age. In countries where guns are readily available, such as the USA, that is the usual cause of suicide. Other causes are strangling and poisoning.

Suicide attempts that do not result in death are more common. In any one year, 2-6% of children will try to kill themselves. About 1% of children who try to kill themselves actually die of suicide on the first attempt. On the other hand, of those who have tried to kill themselves repeatedly, 4% succeed. About 15-50% of children who are attempting suicide have tried it before. That means that for every 300 suicide attempts, there is one completed suicide.

Suicide is caused by pressure created by parents and teachers. The education system forces completion, mostly unhealthy competition. This has a bad effect on the young minds. They have the urge to be the best among their social groups. The teachers on top of that are more concerned with their school average than the strengths of individual students. This is due to the profit orientation of the education sector. Every school wants their students to perform better than the others which will support their higher fee structure.

It gets even worse when the parents join in the party. Every parent wants their child to be on top. My question is, ”How can every child be on top? There has to be some difference between them. If parents so old and mature can’t accept this fact, how can a young and immature child accept your desire for them to be on top when they don’t know why? Parents should make their children understand why studies are important rather than ask them to get good marks. Mark my words – This will without doubt improve their performance. Parents pressurize the children only because they want their children to be successful but in the process, they sometimes lose their children.

I feel that for any parent, a live unsuccessful child is better than a successful dead child. The child might also end up depressed, physically alive and mentally and emotionally dead.

What better example do we have for this than the Bollywood movie Taare Zameen Par?


4 comments on “Suicide and Children

  1. Michael says:

    “live unsuccessful child is better than a successful dead child” – very true.

    I have a question – you say “Suicide has become much more common in children than it used to be”. I wonder whether the statistics that show this are readily available? If this is true, I wonder whether this is true to all countries/regions and whether its a recent phenomenon or it has been going on for a while.

    • amruthmakam says:

      Hello michael,
      I appreciate your curiosity. I believe that it is the case in most countries and has been going on for a while. The statistics are from the internet. I think each of us have a responsibility to stop this and this post is my small attempt at stopping it.

      • Michael says:

        Well the internet is quite big. Do you have a specific link to a particular website perhaps? I would like to know more about the topic…

  2. Bharath U P says:

    I am starting to feel I can agree with every view of yours in evry blog.. cuz some way o other I feel the same. . Yes Pressure is the only cause for suicide . . no matter where the source is from.. it is all cuz of pressure. . parents should keep a check on the pressures their children are facing and not their academic scores.

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