Where do I look?

When I was young, I would flip through pages for answers and wisdom. When I grew a little older, I started browsing the internet. All through my life, I have been talking and discussing with elders assuming they were more mature than I was. I also used to ask my teachers. I haven’t put forth all the questions I had but I didn’t because I really did not get the answers to the ones I asked. I am sure there are others like me who do not get the answers to all their questions. They must be wondering where the answers lay. Some may say that they have looked for it everywhere but in vain. There are others who may give up thinking there are no answers. To them, I’d say don’t lose hope. . .

God wouldn’t have given questions with no answers. There are solutions to all problems but where are they? Some people ask for proof to believe in the supreme. I pity such people. If we are still wondering where to look for the answers, we are not looking for it in the right place.

It is easier for me to explain to those who use spectacles. I have observed few people wearing their spectacles and searching for something. When I ask them what they are looking for, they say, ”I can’t find my spectacles.” Another friend of mine told me that he was playing with his pen in the exam hall and asked someone if he could borrow theirs.

I too was looking everywhere for answers all these years until recently I figured out where they all lay. I started to look within myself and now one by one I am able to find answers to all my problems. I have found the greatest treasure hidden in me. The encyclopedia named LIFE.


5 comments on “Where do I look?

  1. “Don’t assume, always question and confirm.” is my way of life. I agree with you that the though questions are answered from within ourselves. Incidents of Mr.Newton discovering Gravity, Mr.Bell inventing the telephone and many more such events displays that an answer can be found by anyone by merely questioning…. be it from within oneself or from someone else….

  2. Meera Ravi says:

    I truly appreciate your deep thinking. You are absolutely right. We have all answers within ourselves. No one can give answers from outside. we have to search for them within. I really liked the example of people looking fro specs while they are wearing them. That’s exactly what happens when we are going through a crisis. Wonderful explanation

  3. Bharath U P says:

    Very TRUE!!!

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