Time for Self

Scientists say time is one thing that is not constant. Maybe true for science but not for life. Every one of us has a constant 24hour day and a 365day year. The difference among us is how we use our time. Some of us have time for everyone. Some have time for no one. Some have time for enjoyment but not for work. Some have all the time for work but no time for enjoyment. My question is, is it possible to strike the right balance?

Do we use our time productively? Most of us will say yes but how can we define productive? We have time for work, we have time for education, we have time for development, we have time for enjoyment, we have time for family and we have time for friends… Do we have time for ourselves? One might say – when I’m alone, it’s my time for myself. My question is what we do when we are alone? If we are devoting time for our hobby, its self explanatory. We have time for our hobby. Do we have time for ourselves?

The only time we can say we can say we are investing time on ourselves is when we do not do anything. My Guru calls NON DOING what others call MEDITATION. This is the only way one can be with thyself. I urge all of you to spend some time with yourself. It is the best way for you to see your dreams manifest.


5 comments on “Time for Self

  1. Meera Ravi says:

    Very true Amrut. We, in our busy schedule, rarely think of spending time with ourselves. It is indeed very important to have some time only for ourselves. I call them reflective moments.

  2. ARJUN says:

    I agree with you Amruth,every person indeed must spare part of their time schedule for their passions and hobbies.I think that adds some color and spice to life….

    Also true that giving 1st priority to oneself in life is very important.

  3. Radha Prathi says:

    Well, time is relative. I prefer to think of time the Indian way. It is called Kala. Kala is a pun. It means both Time and Death. Perhaps that is what is reflected in the saying, Time and Tide wait for none. MAKE HAY WHEN THE SUN SHINES ! In other words live life to the fullest — ensure
    that there are no regrets. True one cannot be too careful or too lucky, yet if we take responsibility
    for our actions and non -actions we can at least say that we have been true to ourselves!

  4. Bharath U P says:

    I never knew the part of “NON DOING what others call MEDITATION” is the actual way of giving time for ourselves . . I always thought being alone and doing something i enjoyed was a way of giving time to myself . . hmmm . . this is something I have to reassert.

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