When Opportunity Knocks…

When opportunity knocks, don’t just open the door, welcome her in. She will be pleased with you, turn into success and stay with you forever. When opportunity goes to your neighbor’s house, be happy for him. She will understand that you can be a gracious host and will knock on your door the next day. Opportunity is just like you and me. If you do not open your door, she will walk away and never come back.

If something comes your way, its called an offer. If that something that comes your way is something you have been looking forward for, its called opportunity. Offers are many but Opportunities are rare.

I like to share an experience of mine. 6 people from my college were once chosen to visit the Google office in Bangalore. I was one of them. When we went there, they wanted one of us for a one to one interview. Spontaneously, I rose and I was selected and I was interviewed for an hour. The rest of them had a group discussion for 15minutes. All I am saying is that when opportunity knocked, I was quick to open the door and I found success. Its not often that you get a chance to visit the Google office and get interviewed for an hour. So when opportunity knocks, welcome her in and let her stay as success with you forever.


3 comments on “When Opportunity Knocks…

  1. hs vishruth says:

    i learnt tat u should never give up oppurtinity because it can improve ur life and make u successfull i liked the part where u said tat u should be happy for everyone and anyone who is goin to be successfull and frm now one i will try to take every oppurtunity tat comes.

  2. Veni.R says:

    Sometimes opportunity sneaks upon you,therefore you should keep your eyes and ears alert. Great that you made use of that opportunity which was given to you.

  3. Bharath U P says:

    I agree with this completely. Especially with the being happy for the neighbor for whom the opportunity knocked . . I find this being happy for the neighbor being the least among some people i know

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