Entrepreneurship & Teaching

After analyzing for a while, the direction in which young minds are thinking these days, I have realized that these young people are aspiring to become engineers and chartered accountants. Later, they go hunting for jobs. It bothers me that their thought is restricted to working in huge corporations when it can be more open towards being an entrepreneur; a free bird if they will. Why should their destiny be tied to the success of the huge corporations when they can have the freedom to write their own destiny?

B-schools are training the students so they can get well-paid jobs in huge corporations. Why aren’t they training them to be entrepreneurs? Why is entrepreneurship looked at as the last resort? Even an entrepreneur wants his/her son/daughter to find a job in a well known company whereas they can encourage them to become entrepreneurs.

I keep telling people this and I feel its apt to include it here. Entrepreneurship is the father of all careers and Teaching is the mother of all careers. An Entrepreneur gives jobs whereas others seek jobs. A Teacher creates people worthy of all jobs. I was surprised to read an article today which read that B-schools are facing a shortage of faculty by 50% because B-school graduates feel its better off getting a job in corporations than becoming business teachers as the pay is lower as a teacher. I understand if they are entrepreneurs but a job in a corporation is not an excuse.


2 comments on “Entrepreneurship & Teaching

  1. Veni.R says:

    Teaching is that one vocation which should not be taken by those who have no passion for changing the lives of children for better.

  2. Bharath U P says:

    I agree with what u have expressed. . but what I feel to become an entrepreneur is to take a risk . . Just talent is not enough to be an entrepreneur . . Many cases we find talented people ending up in desk jobs cuz of their economical needs . . so I feel if a talented person is economically stable he can take a risk of being an enterprenuer else will have to wait till he becomes ecoamically stable by being an employee.

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