Words & Thoughts

This is wordpress.com. Emphasizing on the importance of words, I write, not to impress others but to express myself… I hope not to relieve myself but to help others.

Q. What is the source of all that I have pressed here?

A. Thoughts. They will make your life or break it. All in your hands.

Words and Thoughts go together. What you impress, you call thoughts. What you express, you call words.

Here I have pressed a few thoughts of mine.

Some wonderful quotes on words from masters of words:

* “The ill and unfit choice of words wonderfully obstructs the understanding.” ~ Francis Bacon

* ”There are tones of voice that mean more than words.”  ~ Robert Frost

* ”Wisdom is not in words; Wisdom is meaning within words.” ~ Khalil Gibran

* ”What is required is not a lot words, but effectual ones.” ~ Seneca

* ”A world of facts lies outside and beyond the world of words.” ~ Thomas Huxley

* ”Fools live to regret their words, wise men to regret their silence.” ~ William Henry

* ”Proper words in proper places make the true definition of style.” ~ Jonathan Swift

* ”Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” ~ William Shakespeare

I watched a program by Rev.Sam on God TV. He said that a Christian’s child will be a Christian, An Islam’s child will be an Islam and a Hindu’s child will be a Hindu. We are all God’s children. If we are God’s children, we should have powers just like him. Right? What is the power that humans have? It is the power to decree. A word once said or uttered is a decree and the universal force acts to make that word come true. So always say and think of the right things. They will come true.


Perception Drives the Reality

What is the most common thing that you would hear from one person about another? It is a Judgment. People have nothing better to do than to judge. Well, if you really want to judge, the least you can do is to do it the right way.

This pegs another question. Is there a right way and a wrong way? Maybe, may not be. Is there truth and false? Maybe, may not be. Is there good and bad? Maybe, may not be. Does God exist? Maybe, may not be. Reads a little confusing coming from a firm believer, doesn’t it? Well, I’m just trying to prove a point here. PERCEPTION DRIVES THE REALITY. There is no way anyone can prove or disprove the existence of God. All that matters is whether you have faith or not.

If you perceive God, He exists. If you do not perceive Him, He doesn’t exist. In a similar fashion, if we perceive a person to be good, he/she is good. If we perceive the person to be bad, he/she is bad. You cannot judge others because you do not know why he/she has done what he/she has done. There is just one person in the entirety of life who you can judge. It is yourself because you know exactly why you have done what you have done.

Everyone loves stories. So here is a story I just made up for an example.

Two boys Alfred and Byron studied in the same class in school and college. After years, they had grown up, were married and had children. Alfred used to scold his wife everyday whether there was reason or not. Byron used to beat up his wife everyday whether there was reason or not. One day, Alfred had an accident and seriously injured his spine. He became bed-ridden. He suffered a lot in the due course of life. Byron on the other hand lived a happy and peaceful life through out.

The judgment people pass is usually like this – Although Alfred only used to scold his wife everyday and Byron on the other hand used to beat up his wife, Alfred was punished by God and Byron wasn’t. God is not fair.

The judgment God passes is like this – Although Alfred only used to scold his wife, I punished him because his parents had brought him up with ethics and lessons. He used to scold his wife although he was aware he was wrong. Although Byron used to beat his wife up, I didn’t punish him because since he was a boy, he has always seen his father beat up his mother. His mind is programmed that a husband is supposed to beat up his wife. He knows no other way.


Now dear readers, do you really want to pass a judgment or accept God’s judgment? Remember, God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Do not question his existence or his judgment. Just accept what comes your way because God might not give you what you desire but he definitely gives you what you deserve.

Perceive this way to live in peace.

P.S : This is my perception and hence my reality. I do not claim this to be a universal truth.

Entrepreneurship & Teaching

After analyzing for a while, the direction in which young minds are thinking these days, I have realized that these young people are aspiring to become engineers and chartered accountants. Later, they go hunting for jobs. It bothers me that their thought is restricted to working in huge corporations when it can be more open towards being an entrepreneur; a free bird if they will. Why should their destiny be tied to the success of the huge corporations when they can have the freedom to write their own destiny?

B-schools are training the students so they can get well-paid jobs in huge corporations. Why aren’t they training them to be entrepreneurs? Why is entrepreneurship looked at as the last resort? Even an entrepreneur wants his/her son/daughter to find a job in a well known company whereas they can encourage them to become entrepreneurs.

I keep telling people this and I feel its apt to include it here. Entrepreneurship is the father of all careers and Teaching is the mother of all careers. An Entrepreneur gives jobs whereas others seek jobs. A Teacher creates people worthy of all jobs. I was surprised to read an article today which read that B-schools are facing a shortage of faculty by 50% because B-school graduates feel its better off getting a job in corporations than becoming business teachers as the pay is lower as a teacher. I understand if they are entrepreneurs but a job in a corporation is not an excuse.

When Opportunity Knocks…

When opportunity knocks, don’t just open the door, welcome her in. She will be pleased with you, turn into success and stay with you forever. When opportunity goes to your neighbor’s house, be happy for him. She will understand that you can be a gracious host and will knock on your door the next day. Opportunity is just like you and me. If you do not open your door, she will walk away and never come back.

If something comes your way, its called an offer. If that something that comes your way is something you have been looking forward for, its called opportunity. Offers are many but Opportunities are rare.

I like to share an experience of mine. 6 people from my college were once chosen to visit the Google office in Bangalore. I was one of them. When we went there, they wanted one of us for a one to one interview. Spontaneously, I rose and I was selected and I was interviewed for an hour. The rest of them had a group discussion for 15minutes. All I am saying is that when opportunity knocked, I was quick to open the door and I found success. Its not often that you get a chance to visit the Google office and get interviewed for an hour. So when opportunity knocks, welcome her in and let her stay as success with you forever.

Time for Self

Scientists say time is one thing that is not constant. Maybe true for science but not for life. Every one of us has a constant 24hour day and a 365day year. The difference among us is how we use our time. Some of us have time for everyone. Some have time for no one. Some have time for enjoyment but not for work. Some have all the time for work but no time for enjoyment. My question is, is it possible to strike the right balance?

Do we use our time productively? Most of us will say yes but how can we define productive? We have time for work, we have time for education, we have time for development, we have time for enjoyment, we have time for family and we have time for friends… Do we have time for ourselves? One might say – when I’m alone, it’s my time for myself. My question is what we do when we are alone? If we are devoting time for our hobby, its self explanatory. We have time for our hobby. Do we have time for ourselves?

The only time we can say we can say we are investing time on ourselves is when we do not do anything. My Guru calls NON DOING what others call MEDITATION. This is the only way one can be with thyself. I urge all of you to spend some time with yourself. It is the best way for you to see your dreams manifest.

Where do I look?

When I was young, I would flip through pages for answers and wisdom. When I grew a little older, I started browsing the internet. All through my life, I have been talking and discussing with elders assuming they were more mature than I was. I also used to ask my teachers. I haven’t put forth all the questions I had but I didn’t because I really did not get the answers to the ones I asked. I am sure there are others like me who do not get the answers to all their questions. They must be wondering where the answers lay. Some may say that they have looked for it everywhere but in vain. There are others who may give up thinking there are no answers. To them, I’d say don’t lose hope. . .

God wouldn’t have given questions with no answers. There are solutions to all problems but where are they? Some people ask for proof to believe in the supreme. I pity such people. If we are still wondering where to look for the answers, we are not looking for it in the right place.

It is easier for me to explain to those who use spectacles. I have observed few people wearing their spectacles and searching for something. When I ask them what they are looking for, they say, ”I can’t find my spectacles.” Another friend of mine told me that he was playing with his pen in the exam hall and asked someone if he could borrow theirs.

I too was looking everywhere for answers all these years until recently I figured out where they all lay. I started to look within myself and now one by one I am able to find answers to all my problems. I have found the greatest treasure hidden in me. The encyclopedia named LIFE.